Oleg Semenukha - violin maker

Welcome to my website!

I'm from Ukraine, was born in Novovolynsk in 1974. Fate led me to violin making by roundabout ways. Everything started from my love to music and to violin in particular, and despite the fact that I was a student not in music school but in the art school first, then in Kovel technical school at art wood carving department and later in Lvov Academy of Arts, art education and craft skills I received through the years come in handy later, in violin making business.

Communicating with friends from conservatory while studying in Academy and seeing their craftsmen instruments, I first had the idea and desire to try to make violin myself. Chance brought me to violin master Stanislav Shilyak with whom I made my first instrument. Later I've met violist, viola concertmaster and stringed instruments restorer in single person, Alexander Svirlov, whom taught me the basics of playing violin, and devoted to the nuances of the restorations and mounting instruments. In that period I created few violins and viola.

In 2002 I graduated from Academy Of Arts with diploma of monumental sculptor.

While being a student, I ended up in Czech Republic at stringed instruments factory, where I worked for a year. After graduation of Academy, I moved with my family to live and work to Czech Republic.

From 2004 to 2009 I worked at Rudolph Fidler company, where I learned in addition to violin, how to make violas, cellos, double basses and viola da gambas. Worked a lot in varnisher, where I had a chance to experiment with varnish and make imitation of old instruments.

From 2009 I am working independently as a violin maker. I do restoration and repair, and also making new instruments.
From 2018 I make mainly new violins, violas and violoncellos.

In 2006 , I first time participated in International competition of violin masters in Dolny Kubin (Slovakia).
In 2008, while participating in competition during International Festival of Venseslav Metelka in Nahod (Czech), I met famous and very talented violin master Daliborem Bzirským, who later become my teacher. Trough his counselings already in 2010 at competition in Mittenvald (Germany) my violin ranked 22 in 153 possible.

2011, at International competition of Etien Vatlo in Paris (France) my violin ranked 16 from 58.
And in 2012, at International competition in Cremona ( Italy ) viola ranked 10.

Mamber of Prague violin makers (CECH) from 2014 CECH.
Mamber of Circle violin makers (KUH) in Czech Republic from 2016 KUH.

From September 2015 to February 2021 I was visiting couple times a week the Jan Špidlen's atelier and collaborating with him as restorer.

Jan Špidlen, Oleg Semenukha
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